Three purpose glass washer wholesalers

When cleaning, you spend a lot of time cleaning the glass, because the glass gets dirty much more than other parts, but cleaning the glass is time consuming and difficult, but from now on use the glass Three-use glass washer, you will have a much easier task to clean all types of glass. For more information about the Three purpose glass washer visit our site.

Three purpose glass washer wholesalers

what is Three purpose glass washer used for?

what is Three purpose glass washer used for? The glass is contaminated by dust, rain, touch, etc., and so-called stains, and when cleaning, most of the time is spent cleaning and cleaning the glass. Window cleaning is usually done with the use of wipes and glass cleaners, and if any of them is not appropriate when cleaning, your work will multiply, because your glass also has stains when it is clean.

But from now on, it will be much easier to clean the windows in your home, work, or car with a three-function window cleaner. This product is a three-function tool, which is the feature that distinguishes this product from other products. rubber part to dehydrate and a microfiber cloth part with washable to dry, you can have the glass of your home clean easily. The three-function glass cleaner allows you to easily clean the windows and doors in your home or workplace.

You can easily use it at home, considering the proper dimensions of this three-function glasswasher.

Features of the three-function window cleaner: High quality suitable Elegant and functional design Made of pvc material It has a 200 cc water tank. Suitable for cleaning glass and various surfaces. Spray, wash and clean at the same time Has a microfiber cloth Rubber blade for complete dewatering and drying Can be used at home, work, car and … Reduce window cleaning time Ability to dehydrate and dry the glass. With this product you can wash, dehydrate and dry the glass at the same time and clean the glass easily in the shortest possible time.

The three-function glass cleaner with blade, spray and cloud is a versatile tool for cleaning glass. This product, in order to facilitate the cleaning of the glass, has three applications in a single device, so that the glass can be cleaned in places that are difficult to access. That is, it balances with one hand and cleans easily with the other. Also, this window cleaner takes up less space to clean car windows. For more information about the Three purpose glass washer wholesale please visit our site.

Three purpose glass washer producers

Three purpose glass washer producers Three purpose glass washer producers, which produces this product with the highest possible quality, include our production range in Iran – Germany and England, which also deliver this product to customers at a reasonable price, which you can Visit our site for more information.


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