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Mehr nano, with the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of domestic products, started its activities in the field of selling and exporting all kinds Nano products . Customer service is one of the main programs of our business and based on this, all our efforts to provide customer satisfaction and good shopping experience are in the minds of our dear customers.

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Nano powder

Nano powder is one of the best and highest quality products for washing different types of vehicles and very different surfaces, including cars, airplanes, ship and train decks.

Pool color

Nano pool paint is an efficient, one-component, ready-to-use product based on water-based acrylic resins, which is formulated and produced based on nano technology. Nano pool paint, in addition to covering the surface as paint, will also seal and insulate the surface.

Concrete products

Tone may be prepared from different types of cement as well as pozzolans, furnace slag, additives, sulfur, additives, polymers, fibers, etc. Also, heat, water vapor, autoclave, vacuum, hydraulic pressure and various compressors may be used in its construction.

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Hello, have a good time. You have a very good site and it helped me a lot to buy a good product. I hope you are always successful.

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