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In your opinion, restorative nano bitumen distributors, how can bitumen be purchased in bulk after production and leaving the factory at the same price as it left the factory? Different opinions may be given in response to this question, but is the price of the repair bitumen that we were told is really the same as the factory price of the repair bitumen? Unless we know the original prices, it is definitely not possible to say that the prices announced to us at the time of purchase are the same as the actual price of repair bitumen. Self-healing bitumen is one of the products that has various uses, and many merchants buy and sell this product in the global markets. Therefore, it is very important to know the types of restoration bitumen and choose the best restoration bitumen. In order to be able to identify the best restoration bitumen and then buy it, you must first familiarize yourself with the types of restoration bitumen and the characteristics of restoration bitumen. You can contact our consultants for more information about the types of restoration bitumen.

After you have chosen the type of restoration bitumen you need, to buy the best restoration bitumen, you should pay attention to the quality of the restoration bitumen and its manufacturing companies. The best brands usually make the best bitumen and often sell the bitumen more expensively. Of course, the price of self-healing bitumen is not a suitable criterion for determining the best self-healing bitumen, but it can be said that the repair bitumens of cheap prices are always of low quality. Therefore, if you are going to buy the best restoration bitumen, you should not look for cheap restoration bitumen. As you know, different types of first grade restoration bitumen with different qualities are sold on the market, and the price of these restoration bitumens is different from each other. If you are planning to buy the best repair bitumen available on the market, you should pay attention to many points. First of all, you should know that the best repair bitumen for you depends on your application and purpose. It means that your definition of the best restoration bitumen may be different from the definition of others because your use of repair bitumen is different. One of the most important factors in determining the best bitumen is the quality of the bitumen. Reputable brands usually produce higher quality bitumen restorations. Therefore, if you want to buy the best repair bitumen, be sure to pay attention to the brand that produces it. To identify the best brands of repair bitumen manufacturers, you can refer to websites or get help from experts in this field. The application of nano polymer bitumen in the insulation of building surfaces: in autumn and winter or in areas where there is generally a lot of rain, waterproofing is used to seal different parts of the building and prevent moisture from penetrating into them, especially the roof. Waterproofing is usually used in all places that are in contact with water, such as roofs, toilets, bathrooms, swimming pools, etc. rusting of metals, growth of mold and fungi, freezing of structures, etc. Nano insulation and isogam insulation are different types of moisture insulation.

  • Application of nano polymer bitumen in the insulation of building surfaces

Nano insulation is implemented to prevent moisture penetration into buildings, especially in the cold season. This insulation is made of polymer materials. The higher the amount of polymer materials used in nano insulation, the higher its resistance to moisture. The use of nano technology in this type of waterproofing has made this insulation so-called waterproof and has high resistance and durability. When the bitumen gets old, it becomes harder and more brittle, and as a result, the road asphalt suffers premature damage. Bitumen aging includes two stages: short-term aging and long-term aging. Short-term aging is caused by heating asphalt at its surface, and long-term aging is generally caused by a combination of actions such as thermal oxidation, precipitation, and traffic pressure during the lifetime of asphalt. The aging of some modified bitumens is often due to polymer degradation. The excellent aging resistance of modified bitumen is due to its compatibility and good solubility. Therefore, compatibility and stability are the main properties of modified bitumen. In addition, the distribution pattern of nano-layers in modified bitumen improves aging resistance.

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Resistance to moisture and sunlight Nano bitumen waterproofing has high impermeability against moisture and water accumulation. Meanwhile, when installing Isogam insulation, it is often recommended to prevent the accumulation of snow and rain on Isogam as much as possible. Also, the nano-bitumen insulation is not separated from the surface, and unlike Isogam, it does not blow. Applications of nano insulation: The nano-insulating bitumen is widely used in the construction industry and industries, both outside and inside the house and on the facades of high-rise buildings to reduce energy consumption. Insulation of cold and hot pipes in engine houses, oil and gas tanks, thermal chimneys, metal sheds, containers, train cars, bus roofs, factory roofs on galvanized sheets, etc. is one of the uses of nano bitumen.

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Distributors of nano bitumen All types of roofing waterproofing are spread and distributed. All methods of roof waterproofing are intended to prolong the lifespan of roof systems and must be used. When selecting a waterproof material for the roof, you must consider the thermal processes of the building as well as the energy consumed. To properly perform insulation, the sealing material must be made an integral component of the roof, and keep in mind that picking a strong seal will result in the roof remaining waterproof for many years, whilst other solutions will not. Weak ones can have a negative impact on the roof’s performance. Waterproofing is done in the upper layers to minimize leakage and water accumulation in the structure while maintaining its breathing qualities. Typically, a building’s waterproofing system is constructed by erecting many barriers to prevent moisture from entering the structure. One sort of nano-waterproofing that is now employed on roofs and other surfaces is In addition, MCI waterproofing has been considered. Acrylic styrene resins and cement-based particles constitute the two components of MCI copolymer waterproofing. The aforementioned waterproofing has been modified with the addition of nano-sealing particles and PP (polypropylene) fibers, and it now serves as a reliable sealing system for sealing and insulating all of a building’s outer spaces, including roof insulation and sealing, insulation, and ventilation. It is used to seal toilets, swimming pools, and water tanks.

  • What exactly is nano insulation?

Nano insulation is a water-based acrylic polymer and elastomeric resin-based waterproof and protective covering layer. Nano insulation is created by combining diverse materials at sub-molecular and nano scale scales, as well as by constructing air-permeable polymer spinning links and composites. Because of the impacts it has on the surface, it lengthens the insulated surface, and as a result, nano waterproofing is both economical and long-lasting; it is a light, strong, elastic, and unbreakable insulation for insulation. It manufactures all types of cement surfaces, bricks, pottery, metal surfaces, bitumen and isogam roofs, and it has caused a massive revolution in the insulation business. This product has a significant benefit in that it is both walk able and resistant to wear. It is done with a brush or brushes. Nano insulation is classified into three categories, each with its own specialized application that can be employed in any component of the building. 1-Insulation in white: It is a waterproofing substance made of acrylic resin and water-based polymeric and elastomeric components that is light, robust, elastic, and unbreakable for insulating all sorts of cement, brick, pottery, metal surfaces, bitumen, and isogam roofs. The product has a significant benefit in that it is both walkable and resistant to wear. Cold insulation is applied with a brush or a brush. This insulation is simple to install and creates a surface similar to carpet, with the exception that the insulation turns white in the heat. It does not loosen or crack in the cold, and it is not penetrated by objects such as tables and chairs. Izogam or Nav insulation? 2-insulation that is colorless: It is a form of transparent polymer insulation used for waterproofing and removing moisture and leakage from surfaces such as stone, mosaic, tile, ceramic, wood, brick, and so on that must be waterproofed to avoid moisture penetration with a colorless insulation solution that is 100% waterproof. It is waterproofed while retaining the aesthetic and elegance of the insulated material’s surface. Isogam or nano-insulation Two-component cement-based insulation: It is a two-component system with one liquid component that serves as a sealing and surface protection coating. This insulation is made up of self-curing thermoplastic resins, and the powder component is made up of resistant materials like silica, cement, polypropylene fibers, and so on. This product is both negative pressure and positive pressure insulation and is suitable for damp areas such as negative flooring, swimming pools, and retaining walls. Isogam or nano-insulation The insulation properties of nano, isogam, and bitumen sack Isogam is lighter and has less flow than bitumen, while nano insulation is lighter than Izogam. Isogam may be installed using a liquid gas (capsule) or a flame spreader lamp, but  bitumen sack has installation issues and is not a clean method of insulating, and it may be readily applied in nano insulation using only a brush and without the need for a flame or heat. In summary, putting in nano insulation is easier than installing Isogam, and installing Isogam is easier than installing bitumen. Isogam’s efficiency is determined by the quality of the material and the experience of its operator, whereas nano insulation has no expertise or experience for its operator. The sack layer rots over time and with moisture leakage in bitumen sack and it rots in Isogam with leakage, but not in high-quality nano insulation. Roof insulation is always in the sun. As a result, one of the most significant aspects of roof insulation is considering the type of insulation’s resistance to sunlight. One of the problems with bitumen is that it cannot withstand sunlight and becomes soft, but Isogam and high-quality nano insulation have high resistance to heat and sunlight, and nano insulation, in addition to preventing water penetration, also prevents heat from entering the building due to its white color, and it cools the environment by reflecting 85% of sunlight.

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