overlays Restorative bitumen wholesale supply

By performing a series of technological processes, we were able to change pure bitumen and produce bitumen with self-repairing and self-healing properties, which has a lifespan many times that of pure sample. For more information about overlays Restorative bitumen visit our site.

overlays Restorative bitumen wholesale supply

what is overlays Restorative bitumen?

what is overlays Restorative bitumen? Resistance to cracking, improvement of rheological and physical properties, resistance to moisture damage and repair of damage with multiple life are among the advantages of producing repairable bitumen. Self-healing technology is a new field in materials science. Applying self-repairing technology to asphalt streets and roads is a new way to increase the life of roads and reduce the need for road repairs. Also, these self-healing asphalts use less natural resources and are compatible with the natural environment. Other benefits include reduced traffic due to road closures due to asphalt reconstruction and reduced CO2 emissions. There are three main categories of self-repairing technology for asphalts.

Minsk was the first to design and advance this technology. He built the first conductive asphalt using graphite (semiconductor) to melt snow and ice on the road surface. Recently, research has been done in this field. Electrical conductors of fibers and fillers (carbon fiber, graphite, steel fiber, steel wool and conductive polymers) are also added to the asphalt mixture, which increases the percentage of self-healing in the induced heat. The process is such that some fillers are dissolved in the bitumen in the asphalt, which increases the strength of the bonds between the asphalt particles and also increases the self-healing capacity of these asphalts.

The more interesting and important point is the method that if after a while, for any reason (ultraviolet radiation, weather, oxidation and pressure) a gap is created in the road, the mixture of filler and bitumen is heated with the help of electromagnetic radiation device. The effect of this movement is that the bitumen penetrates into the crack and the asphalt is repaired. According to research, long steel wool is better than short steel wool for this mixture. This process was carried out for the first time in the Netherlands with a 400-meter test road, and according to the results, the road life is doubled and the repair life is quadrupled. The best use of this type of self-repair is for porous roads, which we will talk about later.

When a part of the asphalt surface cracks, if it is in the initial phases, adding these materials to the surface can both prevent the progress of the crack and repair the crack. The disadvantage of this method is that if the crack depth is too high, this method does not work. Research has shown that these materials can penetrate to a maximum depth of 20 mm. In addition, these materials significantly reduce road friction. The imperfections of this type of material are solved in another type, ie microcapsules. For more information about Types of overlays in pavements, visit our site.

overlays Restorative bitumen production

overlays Restorative bitumen production Overlays Restorative bitumen production is done by our company and our collection delivers this product to the customer at a good price and we even export it to other countries. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about overlays Restorative bitumen wholesale .


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