nano zeolite wholesale suppliers

Nanosolite is a natural crystalline aluminosilicate and one of the dominant minerals in sedimentary rocks, a valuable indicator in sedimentary rocks and environmental sediments. Approximately 40 types of natural zeolites have been studied by the researchers. For more information on nano zeolite wholesale, visit our site.

nano zeolite wholesale suppliers

what is nano zeolite?

what is nano zeolite? It has an internal porous three-dimensional structure occupied by nanosolites, cations and water molecules and necessary to balance the electrical charge of aluminum and silicon tetrahedral units. Increasing the inner surface of the pores affects the cation exchange reactions to a great extent. The charge imbalance is due to the presence of aluminum in the nanosolite structure, which determines the ion exchange properties and appears to stimulate the acidic potential of the regions. While the Si / Al ratio is inversely proportional to the cation content, it is directly related to the temperature stability.

The physical and chemical properties of nanozeolites, together with their abundance in sedimentary sediments and volcanic parent materials and rocks, have led to many useful applications in agriculture. Due to its high porosity and cation capacity and ion exchange properties, nanoseolite, an important material in agriculture and environmental engineering, increases crop yield and increases nutrient yield, transports frankincense fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, and traps heavy metals. Enzolites are formed by the reaction of volcanic rocks and ash layers with alkaline groundwater.

These materials also crystallize in sedimentary environments at periods ranging from thousands to millions of years in shallow lakes. Nanoseolites depend on their morphological properties, crystal structure, chemical composition, effective pore diameter, formation, etc. It is classified according to. According to a report, nanoseolite types are not defined only by Si / Al ratio, except for heyandite (Si / Al ratio 4.0). Si / Al ratio is an important feature that the charge imbalance due to the presence of aluminum in the structure of nanoseolites is expected to determine the ion exchange parameters of nano-zeolites and stimulate the acid potential regions. This ratio is inversely proportional to the cation content and also has a direct ratio to thermal stability.

Nanosolids are classified according to the ratio of silica to alumina as follows:

  • 1.Nanolites with low Si / Al ratio (1 / 5-1)
  • 2.Nanozeolites with medium Si / Al ratio (5-2)
  • 3.Nanolites with high Si / Al ratio (several thousand -10)

Nanozeolites are classified as nano-zeolites with fine pores, medium pores, large pores and very fine pores according to their pore diameter. Several other classifications have been made for nanosolites, including classifications based on their origin (sedimentary and volcanic types) and their crystalline shape (filamentous, columnar and mixed crystals) based on acidic or alkaline properties. While nanoseolites in Iran are of the sedimentary type, most natural types of nanoseolites in the world are volcanic. For more information about nano zeolite bulk visit our site.

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