nano Whitewashing plaster wholesale

Nano whitening coating Solution for raw and unworked gypsum This solution, which is a solution of milky liquid, is used as a mortar with gypsum. 2. Solution for dry and applied gypsum This solution has a higher concentration than the previous state. It is applied so that it is drawn on the surface of the plaster in the form of a spray or brush. For more information on nano Whitewashing plaster Visit our site.

nano Whitewashing plaster wholesale

where to buy nano Whitewashing plaster?

where to buy nano Whitewashing plaster? Plaster is not resistant to water and moisture and is very weak, and layers of lime, if in the presence of moisture, will drum and appear separately on the wall. For this reason, gypsum is generally not used in places that come into contact with water, such as toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens. In addition, the use of gypsum and plaster mortar and flooring and gypsum bleach is not used in buildings located in wet areas. Coats of oil paint are also used to make the gypsum resistant to moisture, but these paints do not completely make the gypsum completely waterproof, and after some time the gypsum hardens.

With advancements in technology and in particular nanotechnology, prefabricated gypsum and plaster blocks can be waterproofed inexpensively. The nanoscale volumetric waterproofing solution due to the nanoscale penetrates to the depth of the gypsum particles and reacts with all its hydrophilic agents and makes the gypsum permanently waterproof.

Attributes: Waterproof, moisture, capillary and gypsum drums Maintains deep penetration into the pores without clogging them and the material breathing process. No color that does not change color or appearance after drying.

Reduce water consumption during the fabrication and production of plaster parts and blocks. Non-toxic and soluble in water. Reduces adsorption of gypsum paint or prefabricated gypsum parts

Application: Hydrophobic coating, gypsum walls and blocks As a water reducer in the production of plaster parts and blocks Reduces the consumption of plastic and acrylic paints on gypsum surfaces

Methods of use: Volumetric waterproofing of gypsum: When making plaster mortar, 2-8% by weight of gypsum should be used.

The amount of consumption varies depending on the type of gypsum and the hardness of the water used, the exact amount of which must be determined by experiments (by making smaller samples).

Surface waterproofing: Apply the nano-fraction solution to a dry surface free from contamination with a brush or spray until the surface is saturated. The gypsum surface will be waterproofed after 24 hours to the penetration depth of the solution (between 5 and 20 mm).

Maintenance: Store at a temperature between 5 and 35 ° C away from direct sunlight. Shake the container before eating. Close the door securely after use. For more information on the best nano Whitewashing plaster visit our site.

nano Whitewashing plaster bulk buying

nano Whitewashing plaster bulk buying nano Whitewashing plaster bulk buying is possible from our company. Our collection produces this product with good raw materials and distributes it at a good price all over the country, so you can. For more information about buy nano Whitewashing plaster, visit our site.

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