Nano binding paste manufacturers

Nano sealant is suitable for removing moisture, moisture and sealing bathrooms without destroying ceramic tiles. Nano sealant that uses nanotechnology with various properties to seal restrooms without the need to destroy ceramic tiles. For more information on Nano binding paste visit our site.

Nano binding paste manufacturers

what is Nano binding paste used for?

what is Nano binding paste used for? The binding glue is produced and supplied both hot and cold. For application, the hot binder glue should be heated up to the melting point where special pumps and guns are used. These adhesives are ready to use after reaching their melting point and cool and harden a few seconds after application. The cold binder adhesive is made of water-based polyvinyl acetate homopolymer resins. This product can be used ready-to-use or diluted with water in the desired amount depending on the place and type of consumption. The binding glue is made with a standard formulation at the time of manufacture and its water content is controlled, so it is better to use them in the same way, because the more water you have, the more likely it is to deform on the paper. River. . The product we offer is cold bonding glue.

How to use binder glue

This adhesive can be applied to surfaces with a brush, roller, spatula or spatula. To glue surfaces, both surfaces must be impregnated with glue. Items bonded with cold glue must remain in the clamp for a while to achieve proper binding. These adhesives dry a few seconds after application, but take some time to final drying. Maximum drying occurs after 24 hours. Although the drying time of cold glue is longer than the hot type, the better adhesion and quality of this product is worth waiting for further drying.

Nano-mastic sealant has a volume of 300 ml and is used for sealing and filling between joints and grooves, as well as as an adhesive for holding and sealing in various industries including construction.

Processed as the best silicone sealant Attributes: Excellent flexibility thanks to its high silicon content Ability to adhere to various surfaces Very high abrasion and impact resistance Dyeability Does not contain any volatile organic compounds (i.e. does not decrease in volume after drying) Odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, and water-resistant. It is antibacterial against algae and algae and does not allow these substances to grow and accumulate on the surface.

Application: Sealing expansion joints in walls, ceilings, floors, and deep building cracks For bonding indoor and outdoor tiles, ceramic, stone, mosaic, brick, and concrete surfaces It can be used to prevent water ingress in joints of cement with iron, wood, PVC, and even aluminum window frames.

  • Repair of opening seams of plaster surfaces (nails, screws, etc.)
  • To provide sealing of sinks and sinks, inlet and outlet sides of water and sewer pipes, car body, round bathtub, jacuzzi, toilet .

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Nano binding paste suppliers

Nano binding paste suppliers Our company is one of the Nano binding paste suppliers and this product reaches the customer at a good price and because it has many applications, it also has many fans all over the country. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about the best Nano binding paste.

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