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Cement cleaner removes cement stains and tile adhesive or concrete mortar to concrete tools …, for iron, marble and limestone surfaces, cement cleaner can not be used.

buy Nano cement cleaner from traders

what is Nano cement cleaner used for?

what is Nano cement cleaner used for?

Cement cleaner has been produced and marketed to remove cement stains and tile adhesive or concrete mortar to concreting tools or to separate cement from ceramic tile surfaces and other surfaces, which is a problem for contractors and employers in construction projects. Is. Also, cement stains can be seen in abundance inside the truck of mixers, the surface of concrete metal molds, construction tools, etc., to solve such a problem, cement cleaner can be used because the cement cleaner has a molecular bond between cement particles. It breaks and makes the adhesive cement loose and hollow from the inside, so it can be said with certainty that the cement cleaner easily removes stains left by cement, concrete and tiling mortar from the surface.

Nano cement anti-stain solution is a suitable alternative to acidic solutions; Anti-stain solution of cement (breaking the intermolecular bond) The ionic bond inside the cement dissolves it and removes cement or concrete from any surface. . How to use: Spread the anti-stain solution on the dry surface, make sure the work surface should be dry so that the solution has a better effect on cement stains. After a few minutes, wash the surface with water. If corrosion is observed, you can mix this solution in proportions of 2 to 10 times with water. Note: Note that the solution must be added to the water slowly and water should not be added to the solution in reverse.

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