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In autumn and winter, or in areas where rainfall is generally high, waterproofing is used to seal various parts of the building and prevent moisture from penetrating it, especially the roof. Waterproofing is usually used in all places that are exposed to water, such as the roof, bathroom, swimming pool, etc., and not using it and not taking it seriously can lead to moisture penetration into the building and eventually problems such as Rusting of metals, growth of mold and fungi, freezing of structures, etc. Nano insulation and isogam insulation are different types of waterproofing. For more information about Concentrated nano bitumen, visit our site.

buy Concentrated nano bitumen

Concentrated nano bitumen usages

Concentrated nano bitumen usages Nano-insulation is applied to prevent moisture from penetrating into buildings, especially in the cold season. This insulation is made of polymeric material. The higher the amount of polymeric material used in nano-insulation, the greater its resistance to moisture. The use of nanotechnology in this type of moisture insulation has made this insulation so-called hydrophobic and has high strength and durability. As bitumen ages, it becomes harder and more brittle, resulting in premature damage to road asphalt. Bitumen aging consists of two stages: short-term aging and long-term aging.

Short-term aging is caused by heating asphalt on its surface and long-term aging is generally caused by a combination of measures such as thermal oxidation, precipitation and traffic pressure during the life of the asphalt. Aging of some modified bitumens is often due to polymer degradation. The excellent resistance of the modified bitumen to aging is due to its good compatibility and solubility; Therefore, compatibility and stability are the main properties of modified bitumen. In addition, the distribution pattern of the nanofilms in the modified bitumen improves the aging resistance.

Resistance to moisture and sunlight Nano bitumen waterproofing has a high impermeability to moisture and water accumulation. However, when installing isogum insulation, it is often recommended to prevent snow and rain from accumulating on the isogum as much as possible. Also, nano bitumen insulation is not separated from the surface and does not blow against isogum.

Nano-bitumen insulation is widely used in the construction industry and indoors and outdoors, on the facades of high-rise buildings to reduce energy consumption. Insulation of hot and cold pipes in engine rooms, oil and gas tanks, thermal chimneys. Metal canopies, containers, train carriages, bus roofs, factory roofs on galvanized sheets and… are some of the applications of nano bitumen. For more information about Concentrated nano bitumen wholesale, visit our site.

Concentrated nano bitumen cheap in 2021

Concentrated nano bitumen cheap in 2021 Concentrated nano bitumen cheap in 2021 and distributed by our company throughout the country, which has a high quality and is exported to other countries. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about the best Concentrated nano bitumen.

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